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Historical Accounts of the Tri-state Area

Native American Accounts

Indian School


On June 16, 1890, Samuel M. McCowen, was sent to organize a school at the military post at Fort Mojave, as its first superintendent. The formal transfer of the post was made on August 22, 1890. The name of the Fort Mojave Agency and School was retained until March 9, 1891 when the institution became known as the Herbert Welsh Institute. By December 1892, this name was dropped, and the old name of Fort Mojave resumed. (see more)



Out on the sands of southern Nevada, the fierce eyes dimmed in death, lies the body of Ahvote. Not far from "Death Valley," the famous labyrinth of the Shoshones, where afety possibly awaited him from the relentless pursuit of his trailers, the body of the murderer lies as silent evidence that he has paid the penalty of his rimes. Ten lives were blotted out by him before he resorted to flight from the wrath of the white man and the dog like persistence of his tribesmen sent on his trail with orders never to return without tangible evidence of his death. Ahvote was a Piute.  (see more)