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Lil' Red Schoolhouse

A Step Back In Time


The Lil’ Red Schoolhouse, an iconic Bullhead City Arizona, a one-room schoolhouse, was originally established on June 17, 1947. It was opened the next year as the first building for the Bullhead Elementary School District more than 35 years before the city was incorporated. This little red schoolhouse was in operation until 1951.
Built in 1947, the Lil' Red Schoolhouse was located on the corner of Lee Ave and 3rd St. Originally the schoolhouse was built with a gray brick exterior.
In the 1990's Bashes grocery store donated $1,000 to paint the exterior red.
Since being painted red in the 1990's, the schoohouse was given the name "Lil' Red Schoolhouse" and moved to the Bullhead City Community Park in 2015.